AICP 29th Annual Conference

We are Taking Compliance to New Heights at the AICP's 2016 Annual Conference

Sometimes we need a new perspective to solve our compliance issues — or even to see the bigger picture. There are different ways to get that different view of the problem — take a walk, listen to some favorite music — even take a nap! However, if you really want to see things from a different angle and see everything in its entirety — you have to go to greater lengths — or in this case — greater heights!

What better way is there to see everything than by Taking Compliance to New Heights where we will introduce you to those individuals who can elevate your knowledge, lift your expectations and soar with you to the solution? We have over 60 sessions where you will learn to fly with the experts and enjoy the company of industry experts as well as representatives from various state insurance departments.

We have also found a way to make your ride a little smoother this year by developing an awesome mobile app which will have all of the features you have requested over the years. There will be interactive maps so you can find the Business Partner you want to talk to in the Showcase, schedules you can manage, note taking capabilities and much, much more!

Let us help you gain a new perspective on compliance, meet new friends along the way and re-connect with past colleagues — so prepare to ...