Where Compliance Meets the Future

30th Annual Conference

Seattle, WA   |   October 1-4, 2017

Who is Exhibiting and Their Booth Numbers

The Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals wishes to thank all our Business Partners for their ongoing participation at our meeting. Please be sure to visit the Business Partners during the Showcase on Sunday night and during breaks and lunch to learn more about the exhibitor products and services.


Booth 1: Martin & Company

Since 1993, Martin & Company has been one of the best service oriented companies in the industry. We have developed an outsourcing model that has been widely accepted by many U.S. carriers. Our professional insurance services are designed to assist you with getting products to market faster and creating opportunities. Our proprietary technology solutions are integrated into your workflow to keep all work transparent. We have a proven and effective approach that that produces positive results for our Carrier, Program Administrator and MGA clients.

  • Actuarial Consulting ... New Programs, Filing Support, LCM's, etc.
  • Product Development ... Policy Forms, Rating Plans and Rules
  • Compliance & Regulatory ... DOI Statutes, Bureau Monitoring, etc.
  • State Filing Services ... Countrywide support
  • Competitive Intelligence ... www.FilingsDirect.com
  • Licensing ... COA, Expansion Application, etc.


Booth 3: O'Brien Insurance Solutions

Founded in 1974, OBRIEN Insurance Solutions is a provider of business solutions specifically designed to modernize and refine an insurance company's printed and digital customer communications to improve organizational collaboration, communication and customer experience to facilitate growth and transform business. OBRIEN's PEMS (Policyholder Engagement Management System) offering has modular components that can be deployed based on the insurer's needs.


Booth 6: Madison Consulting Group,Inc.

Madison Consulting Group, Inc. has been offering independent actuarial consulting services since 1987. We have offices in Madison, Georgia and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania and provide a full range of property /casualty actuarial and statistical data collection and reporting services. Our clients include state and federal regulatory agencies; law firms; insurance companies; managing general agents; and, public and private self-insurance programs.


Booth 13: Coulter & Associates

Founded in 1988, Coulter & Associates is a leading nationwide consulting firm in the areas of actuarial, compliance, product development, and state filing services. We pride ourselves on having reliable actuarial and compliance professionals available on demand for our clients. Our expert staff includes attorneys, as well as product specialists, with decades of insurance industry experience in all product lines.

We do not have any social media at this time, but our website (which is currently being revamped) is www.coulter-and-associates.com.

Coulter & Associates


Booth 14: Currin Compliance Services, Inc.

Products/Services: Currin Compliance provides services to life insurance carriers and their distribution partners. In addition to online/on-demand and in-person compliance education and training, CCS services include, but are not limited to: Advertising and Product review & filing, Compliance & Risk Mitigation, Market Conduct Exam Prep, ORSA & ERM Assistance, and more. Their mission is to deliver an unparalleled combination of knowledge, creativity, and superior problem-solving skills to each compliance challenge faced by their clients in the insurance industry. Compliance you can trust. Service you can rely on.


Booth 15 & 16: Perr&Knight

Founded in 1994, Perr&Knight provides insurance consulting and software solutions to the property & casualty and accident & health industries. Services include actuarial consulting, product development, insurance policy and forms consulting, regulatory compliance, state filings, licensing, technology consulting, statistical reporting, data services, and predictive analytics. Software includes StateFilings.com, a leading cloud-based state filings management solution. With offices in Santa Monica, Boca Raton, the New York Metro Area and Fort Worth and more than 100 insurance professionals, Perr&Knight is among the largest independent actuarial and insurance consulting firms in the United States


Booth 17 & 18: Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Kluwer delivers trusted content and software solutions to help you execute on the 7 key processes associated with Compliance Program Management. We can help ease the burdens of Regulatory Insight, Change Management, Risk Assessments, and Exam Management with the right combination of Content, Technology, and Consulting services to meet the high demands of the insurance industry. Learn more.

Currin Compliance Services, Inc. (CCS) is a firm that provides compliance consulting to life insurance carriers and their distribution partners. Our company focuses exclusively on the products and services that life insurance carriers and their distributors offer. That exclusivity is one major factor that differentiates us from our competitors—another is the quality of our staff. We are compliance experts in the life insurance industry. Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled combination of knowledge, creativity and superior problem-solving skills to each compliance challenge faced by our clients in the insurance industry. CCS delivers excellence with established expertise in a very well-defined and specific niche.

First Consulting & Administration, Inc. is a premier provider of insurance compliance services for all insurance related entities. Since 1969, our practical and affordable approach to Product, Advertising and Corporate compliance has assisted the insurance industry in all lines and in all jurisdictions. Specifically these services include:

Product Development: drafting, filing, research and surveys

Operational Compliance: advertising compliance, compliance monitoring/oversight, risk assessments and training

Corporate Compliance: TPA licensing with renewals, certificate of authority changes and UCAA licensing, Corporate Governance and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services including Own Risk & Solvency Assessment (ORSA)

These services are tailored to meet client needs. More information about our flexible Co-sourcing services is available at: www.firstconsulting.com


Booth 19: First Consulting

Products / Services: First Consulting & Administration, Inc. is a premier provider assisting the insurance industry in achieving business strategies with a focus on compliance and regulatory issues. Since 1969, First Consulting has advised and assisted companies across the country. The primary areas of practice include:

  • Product Development: Drafting, Filing, Research, DOL Fiduciary Rule consulting, assist in taking your products Digital
  • Advertising Compliance: Review, Webinars and Annual Seminar
  • Corporate Compliance: Compliance Training, COA filings, TPA licensing, Compliance Oversight, and a full range of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) services including ORSA and Corporate Governance tailored to fit your needs.

More information about our Co-sourcing services is available at: www.firstconsulting.com


Booth 20: RegEd

RegEd is a leading provider of compliance technology solutions with relationships with more than 400 enterprise clients, including 80% of the top 25 broker-dealers and top 25 insurance companies. Established in 1994 by former regulators, the company is a recognized industry authority and has created the standard of excellence for rule-based and content-driven compliance automation for insurance companies, investment advisors and broker-dealers. RegEd solutions drive new levels of operational efficiency and enable firms to cost-effectively comply with regulations and mitigate risk. For more information, visit www.reged.com.


Booth 21 & 22: Thompson Reuters

Thomson Reuters bring together trusted information, managed services, software and expertise–an unrivaled combination that helps you manage customer, third party, compliance, enterprise and financial risk. Agile, innovative, and unrivalled anywhere in the marketplace, Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions help you go beyond mere risk avoidance and turn regulatory complexity into business opportunity. From regulatory change management to third party risk management to compliance training, Thomson Reuters can help you proactively create and sustain a culture of compliance, and build a reputation for consistently driving the best behavior and performance from your people and operations. Learn more https://risk.thomsonreuters.com/


Booth 23: S&P Global Market Intelligence

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, we integrate financial and industry data, research and news into tools that help track performance, generate alpha, identify investment ideas, understand competitive and industry dynamics, perform valuation and assess credit risk. Investment professionals, government agencies, corporations and universities globally can gain the intelligence essential to making business and financial decisions with conviction.

S&P Global Market Intelligence is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI). For more information, visit www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence.


Booth 24: IIPRC

The Insurance Compact is an innovative vehicle formalizing the joint and cooperative action among compacting states, leveraging regulatory resources and expertise to establish Uniform Standards and form the foundation of a central clearinghouse for prompt review of asset-based insurance products. Companies utilizing the Insurance Compact have a way to prepare one filing submission under one set of standard product content requirements and subject to one centralized review and approval in 60 days or less, allowing one standard product to be marketed in up to 45 Compacting States. The Insurance Compact is a truly unique speed-to-market tool allowing companies to streamline their market and delivery system for asset-based insurance products. For more information, visit IIPRC website for more information.


Booth 25: SERFF

For more than 15 years SERFF has been an electronic solution for accurate submissions and efficient review of rate and form filings. A product of the NAIC that was built and is maintained by joint input from industry and regulators, SERFF strives to meet Speed to Market objectives in a cost-effective manner. Over the years, SERFF has grown to meet additional regulatory needs like the SERFF Filing Access Interface, which allows for the public viewing of SERFF filings via the Internet, and support for Plan Management functions of the ACA (Affordable Care Act). SERFF is now used in 53 jurisdictions and by more than 4200 insurance entities and nearly 650,000 transactions move through the system each year.