Where Compliance Meets the Future

30th Annual Conference

Seattle, WA   |   October 1-4, 2017

Mobile Conference App

AICP Conference Mobile App - Where Technology Meets an Enhanced Conference Experience!

We are so excited that you chose to make Seattle Where You Want To Be!  This year’s conference theme, Where Compliance Meets the Future, speaks not only to future regulatory matters and finding the proper solutions to address them, but also to the role that technology plays in shaping our compliance roles. Technology is also shaping our conference experience through the introduction of mobile applications – the future is now!

The AICP Conference mobile app is the go-to tool for enhancing your Annual Conference experience – it puts everything you need to know about the Annual Conference at your fingertips, including:

Best of all…the AICP conference mobile app is where the Apptastic fun and games reside!  Be among the first to download the app and join in the fun! The app has two separate gamification modules, each designed to engage you in different ways:

Game is a great way to learn how to use the AICP2017 mobile conference app in a short period of time and discover how the app will enhance your conference experience. You'll earn points as you explore the app and complete basic tasks such as viewing sessions, sending messages, and tapping on banners.

Click is a scavenger hunt game where you’ll snap and submit photos to earn points. Allow your creativity to flow as you take on the challenge of finding just the right pics to click! Join the CLICK Leaderboard, upload your photos and watch as they stream across the SocialWall in the Business Partner Showcase.

Note: GAME and CLICK have separate challenges, separate point structures and separate leaderboards.

Get ready to with fun and games at the 2017 AICP Annual Conference!

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