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Where Compliance Meets the Future

30th Annual Conference

Seattle, WA   |   October 1-4, 2017

Conference Program — Detailed Sessions


Let your compliance knowledge soar when you join your peers at the 2017 AICP Conference in Seattle, Washington on October 1st - 4th!

The 2017 Annual AICP Conference is Where Compliance Meets the Future! As our world changes with advancing technology, compliance needs change too. Come learn from industry and regulatory experts as they explore the most current and important compliance issues affecting our industry. Their expertise will help you prepare for the future of insurance compliance.

This year's conference will kick-off with the very popular LAH and P&C Question and Answer sessions. Also back by popular demand are the View From The Top sessions where you will hear insurance commissioners discuss what they feel is important in today's regulatory environment. And, this year there are not one, but two Regulator Roundtables each for the LAH and P&C sides of the industry. Coupled with over 60 educational sessions and plenty of networking opportunities for you to meet and share ideas with your peers, it's easy to see why AICP is Where you Want to Be!

*NOTE: All sessions will allow time for Q&A. The following sessions are planned for the 2017 AICP Annual Conference in Seattle, Washington. Please note that titles, descriptions, schedule and/or content are all subject to change.



Life, Annuity and Health Q&A
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Dave Milligan, American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company
Laura Summers, Milliman, Inc.


Property and Casualty Q&A
(Property and Casualty)

Mark Smith, Insurance Services Office, Inc.
Robin Westcott, AAIS

Back by Popular Demand!! Two of the most well attended and asked for sessions of the entire Conference. Plan to attend the Sunday afternoon sessions — Session 1 for Life, Health and Annuities and Session 2 for P&C — that will cover all those most asked questions. Everyone in the room is an expert and willing to assist you by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Submit your questions prior to conference through the website, so that the session leaders can prepare for a full discussion. Session leaders will then lead the discussion as your fellow compliance professionals share solutions and discuss important issues in an open forum. These sessions are the proof that there are truly no silly questions; only answers that you haven't heard before. Extra time has been built into these sessions so that everyone's questions can be answered.

All questions must be submitted in advance through the website for anti-trust review.


New to Compliance? Learn to Fly with the Pros
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Karren Phair, John Hancock
Matt Noonan, QBE
Shawna Pope, Farm Bureau Financial Services

If you are new to compliance, please join a panel of seasoned professionals who will share their experience and insights on compliance issues related to life, health and annuity lines of business. This session will provide an overview of compliance issues, a discussion of best practices, and expert perspectives on emerging issues. Head into the rest of the conference feeling like an expert.


P & C Insurance in a Nutshell: Everything a Newbie Needs to Know
(Property and Casualty)

Jan Vitus, Oregon Department of Insurance
Lisa Brown, American Insurance Association
Paula Pallozzi, Rhode Island Division of Insurance
Sara Waitt, North Carolina Department of Insurance/Property and Casualty Division

New to the property & casualty insurance compliance world? Rest assured, you'll feel like a pro after this session. Regulators and industry professionals will share insights on regulatory requirements and process which will help you succeed as a P&C compliance professional.


View from the Top
(Property and Casualty)


Back by popular demand are the View From The Top sessions where you will hear insurance commissioners discuss what they feel is important in today's regulatory environment.


Change is the Only Constant: Disruption and Innovation in the Life, Annuity and Health Industry
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Farron Blanc, RGAx

Disruption and innovation in the life and annuity industry is a reality. Whether it is Blockchain tech, instant coverage on demand, or other new ways of doing business, life insurance is changing rapidly and the companies that do not will be the Ma Bells and NCRs of the industry. Those of us in compliance need to change our thinking. But how? What do we need to be thinking about? Our panel of experts will spur your thinking with their insights.


Nirvana It's Not. Understanding the Changes to the ACA

Greg Mitchell, Frost Brown Todd, LLC

The entire Health Insurance Industry has been on pins and needles awaiting changes to the ACA. This session will navigate through the changes, focusing on the new requirements and revisions applicable to your existing policyholders and contracts. We will help you answer the question of "What's next?"


The Internet of Things — Opportunities & Challenges for Insurers
(Property and Casualty)

Craig Bedell, IBM
Anthony Largo, Verisk

If it can be connected, it will be connected...from smartphones to smart roads to smart cities, there are endless possibilities. Insurers see opportunities but shouldn't overlook the risks. Do you understand the cybersecurity issues? Now's the time to learn more.


Big Data What’s in Your Future?
(Property and Casualty)

Mark Smith, Insurance Services Office, Inc.
Tim Mullen, NAIC

Regulatory frameworks already address the use of data in underwriting…learn about more expansive efforts and how companies are currently using "big data" and how NAIC is addressing it.


Actuarial Exhibits — L&H and P&C

Tom Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Patti Ivey, United States Liability Insurance Group

You've filed them but do you really, really understand them? Why are they required and what do they tell the regulator? From both the L&H and P&C perspective, actuaries will share how these exhibits can help or hurt a filing. Learn the basics about these exhibits from both P&C and L&H actuaries.


View from the Top
(Life, Annuity and Health)


Back by popular demand are the View From The Top sessions where you will hear insurance commissioners discuss what they feel is important in today's regulatory environment.


Don't Go Sleepless: Understanding Hot Topics in Advertising Compliance
(Life, Annuity and Health))

Glenda Bean, Currin Compliance Services, Inc.
Jason Lapham, Colorado Insurance Department
Ted Newton, Massachusetts Mutual
Maureen Perry, Insurance Compact

Remember the days when you reviewed product brochures? Those days are gone and change is the new normal. But are you seeing everything out there? Don't miss this session if you have ever had a restless night worrying about what you have seen and what you might have missed.


Are You Ready . . . for Principle Based Reserving?

John Palmer, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Kevin Shaw, Milliman, Inc.

Change is coming down the track. Industry personnel will provide guidance on what the changes in principle based reserving mean to you and their impact on the future of the life insurance industry. Have you pulled ahead of the changes or are you still waiting at the station?


Partnership 101 — Compliance and Business
(Property and Casualty)

Cheryl Davis, Nationwide Insurance Company
Chris Palmieri, Travelers

Compliance and business are often at odds, but does that have to be the case? We will discuss building a value-add partnership between compliance and business, and will show how implementing regulatory changes, establishing controls and doing audits can be fun for property and casualty.


Controlling Those Losses: A Prescription for Success
(Property and Casualty)

Danette Kobolt, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

Providing loss control services to your policyholders can be a valuable asset. In this session you will hear success stories and shared challenges, learn from your peers about how their practices measure up in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, and be introduced to regulatory monitoring and audits.


A Producer Licensing Primer... and More

John (Jack) Caskey, Westmont Associates, Inc.
Cheryl Penn, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Jan Vitus, Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services

Producer licensing is an important compliance component, but it can be complicated and confusing. Can technology help? Hear from a panel of industry experts and regulators about how licensing works, when appointments are required, and what the future holds for agency licensing and appointments.


Cyber Security — What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You

Russ Galbraith, Arkansas Insurance Department
Jana Landon, Stradley Ronan Stevens & Young LLP
Stephen Serfass, Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP

Is there any topic more critical today than the protection of customer data? What are the company's requirements for protecting the data? Is your company vulnerable to a hacker stealing that data? Are you up to date or falling behind on the steps to take if a breach occurs at your company? What are the New York state requirements and why are they relevant to your company? Hear from the experts so you can "be prepared".


Insurance Compact - Uniform Standards Development Update
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Anne Marie Narcini, Insurance Compact
Karren Phair-Harvey, Insurance Compact Uniform Standards Development Update

The Insurance Compact has been busy with its 5 year review of Product Standards, including finalizing the Long-term care Insurance amendments, changes to certain life and annuity benefit features, and commencing a review of Individual Disability Income standards. The Committee is also developing some new uniform standards. Come hear what’s new, what to watch for in the coming year, and how you can participate in the process.


Managing Market Conduct Exams
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Paul Hanson, Minnesota Department of Commerce
Christopher Helmick, Deloitte & Touche, LLP
Cara St. Martin, Allianz Life
Jim Mealer, Missouri Department of Insurance

Hear from industry experts regarding real life market conduct exam fact situations (no names shared!) and how your company can reduce your risk of penalties.


Senior Market: Short-Term Care, Long Term Solutions
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Robert Eaton, Milliman, Inc.
Stacy Koron, Milliman, Inc.

There are more and more life and supplemental health products aimed at seniors. The senior market is huge and the number of products looking to meet the demand is growing along with the market. One fairly new entrant is short-term care, but there many more. What are the regulatory issues presented by these products and what does the future hold?


Regulator Roundtable
(Property and Casualty)

The following states are scheduled to participate in the Roundtable session:


Workers' Comp: Always a Challenge
(Property and Casualty)

Eric Belk, Travelers Insurance Company
Angela Nelson, Missouri Department of Insurance

How-tos for maintaining compliance, employee leasing issues, drug formularies and so much more on the many "moving parts" of WC!


Multi-State Filings Made Easy — True Life Scenarios & Best Practices

Susan Eckler-Kerns, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
Vickie Goodman, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Michael Hollar, Combined Insurance Company of America

You and your team have been assigned a multi-state filing. Sure, there are many ways to organize the flow, but what are the best practices? What are the issues? How can you avoid common hazards? Hear strategies other companies use to assure the filing runs smoothly, accurately, and efficiently, in practical terms.


Regulator Roundtable
(Life, Annuity and Health)

The following states are scheduled to participate in the Roundtable session:


To Facebook and Beyond: Managing Your Social Media Compliance Program
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Judy Lucas, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Ted Newton, MassMutual

Explore the latest social media strategies with a focus on the compliance role. How do you manage social media? Talk about real issues facing compliance professionals today and what to expect in the future!


Insurance Compact - the Future is Here
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Ed Charbonnier, Insurance Compact
Karen Givens, Insurance Compact
Becky McElduff, Insurance Compact
Maureen Hart Perry, Insurance Compact

The Compact is where you want to be for a streamlined filing solution and uniform product administration in 45 states. You will hear from reviewers about filing trends, new processes and other updates. We will cover product standard revisions and development, as well as best practices for a smooth and speedy path to approval for life insurance, annuity, long-term care and disability income products in the individual and group markets.


Market Conduct: Under the Gun — Understanding Triggers, Managing the Process
(Property and Casualty)

John Haworth, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Pamela O'Connell, California Department of Insurance
Angela Nelson, Missouri Department of Insurance

Beware and be prepared. In this "can't afford to miss" session, our panel of experts will address MCE issues such as complaints as a trigger, key findings in 2016 exams, the range of fines in 2016/2017, and emerging trends in market regulation.


The Wide, Wide World of Insurance
(Property and Casualty)

Robert Baron, Maryland Insurance Administration
Lisa Brown, American Insurance Association
Steven Weisbart, Insurance Information Institute

The world of property and casualty insurance is vast and diverse. See YOUR World through the lens of consumer protection advocates, industry and regulators.


Ethics in the Age of Technology

Steve Serfass, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP

Technology is changing the way we do the business of insurance in many different ways in marketing, pricing, etc. What are the ethical challenges in remaining compliant in an ever-evolving insurance technology landscape? How can you foresee the ethical minefields that may lay ahead as your company seeks to keep pace with using technology in the business of insurance? Where have companies gone wrong in using technology? Attend this session and be ethically prepared.


Big Data — Its Use and Misuse

Denise Farnan, Perr & Knight
Paul Hanson, Minnesota Department of Insurance
Laura L. Panesso, Insurance Services Office, Inc.

There is a significant amount of data available for companies to use to underwrite, rate, and market insurance. But it isn’t how much data you have, it’s what you do with it. Learn WHAT companies can use and HOW can they use it. What are the risks for misusing this data? How does the DOI use Big Data to regulate companies?


To Indexed Universal Life Insurance and Beyond

Sheryl Moore, Moore Market Intelligence
Kevin Show, Milliman, Inc.
Jim Walker, Florida Department of Insurance

When you think about the future, it's not all flying cars and robotic butlers. Indexed Universal Life is an innovative life insurance product that is getting a lot of attention. Attend this session to talk about the latest in regulatory developments for indexed universal life, with particular focus on illustrations.


I'm Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot! Health Hot Topics

Holly Blanchard, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC
Greg Mitchell, Frost Brown Todd, LLC
Pieter Williams, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC

Put on some shades and take some time to soak in the Hot Topics affecting the Health Insurance Industry. This session will cover a brief overview of all the Hot Topics and Industry Trends.


StarTechies: InsurTech Startups and Insider Perspectives
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Natasha Cupp, Ladder Insurance Services, LLC
Cailie Currin, Currin Compliance Services, Inc.

Every day there are more insurance startups that see opportunities to do things differently in the life, annuity, and health space. Innovation is the name of the game and technology is key to the effort. Still, there are many regulatory obstacles to be aware of that you will need to overcome. This panel will share their personal experiences with InsurTech startups.


Regulator Roundtable
(Property and Casualty)

The following states are scheduled to participate in the Roundtable session:


Hipsters Know What's Hot/What's Not — Emerging Issues & Hot Topics
(Property and Casualty)

Terri Hitchcock, Perr & Knight
Phil Skaggs, AAIS

You can't get ahead of the trend if you don't know what happening. From blockchain technologies to drones to the commercial space industry...new risks and opportunities abound. This session will arm all with deeper insight into insurer issues with "what's hot" and "what's trending."


Breaking Down Blockchain

Patrick Schmid, The Institutes

Blockchain. You've heard the term but do you know what it is? What does it have to do with compliance and the insurance industry? What risks do compliance professionals face, when facing Blockchain?


Small Company, Big Compliance Issues
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Shirley Grossman, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company
Paul Lindemann, Catholic United Financial
Carla Strauch, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Tracy Kelly-Whitaker, Homesteaders Life Insurance Company

Go Big or Go Home? Not You! You may work for a small life or health insurance company, but you know your company still faces many of the same challenges as a large company. You just need to face those challenges with a much smaller staff!

Meet with a panel of experienced compliance leaders from smaller companies. Submit your questions in advance to learn about ways to manage your Big Issues with limited resources.


Step Right Up...Get Your Answers Here: Group Trusts and Associations — Worksite and Voluntary Market
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Susan Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Ginny McHugh, McHugh Consulting Resources, Inc.

It seems that every year the rules change for group trusts and associations. You can't rely on your last filing experience as you are getting ready for your next one. So what do you do? How do you set expectations? You'll get your answers here.


Walking the Line? Knowing if Your Product is in or out of the ACA

Holly Blanchard, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC
Pieter Williams, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC

Can you walk the line and keep your product as an Excepted Benefit? We will discuss what an excepted benefit is and provide tips on how to keep your product on the excepted benefit side of the ACA line.


Marijuana — Does Your State have "Growing" Pains?
(Property and Casualty)

Manny Munson-Regala, Root Cause Consulting, LLC
Phil Skaggs, AAIS

More states continue to legalize recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, but the new Administration has a different outlook. Is the insurance industry up to the challenge? Will it all disappear in a puff of smoke?


Failure is Not an Option — Compliance Risk Management
(Property and Casualty)

Robin Clover, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Insurance Company
Duke de Haas, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty Insurance Company
Brian Fajen, Nationwide Insurance Company

What happens when your procedures, systems or policies are inadequate or fail? Learn more about steps you can take now to mitigate op risk.


The Compliance Department of the Future — Harnessing Technology

Rotulu Adebiyi, Thrivent Financial-Brightpeak Financial Division
Stacy Dannenberg, Thrivent Financial-Brightpeak Financial Division
Cara St. Martin, Allianz Life

What will the Compliance Department of the Future look like? Technology is changing the way insurance is being done in so many ways. Will artificial intelligence craft the perfect insurance product for you? New ventures like Lemonade are taking off. If the entire way we transact the business of insurance changes, what does that mean for compliance? Envision what compliance will look like in the next ten years. How about twenty years? Come join the conversation on the extent compliance will be technology driven.


Lessons Learned: ERM, ORSA and Corporate Governance
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Kathleen Birrane, DLA Piper
Kristine Rickard, Fuzion Analytics, Inc.
Brian Seibert, DLA Piper

A company's ERM, ORSA and Corporate Governance practices are always undergoing revision based on lessons learned and changing risks. As we revise and refine, companies also look at how to keep certain information confidential. This session will give you direction as you do your revisions.


Annuities and the Future of Due Care

Sheryl Moore, Moore Market Intelligence
John Palmer, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Rod Perkins, ACLI

You say suitability and I say best interest. What's the difference and why does it matter? What is the status of the fiduciary rule and to what transactions does it now apply? Come to this annuity session to learn about the latest in the standard of due care required for annuity transactions.


SERFF 2018
Alex Rogers, SERFF
Brittany Williams, SERFF
Michelle Wilson, SERFF

SERFF is the industry’s lifeline for speed to market, and staying abreast of SERFF updates and innovations is critical for you and your filing staff. Join the SERFF team for a presentation of the exciting coming attractions for 2018.


AI & U Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning — Positives & Perils of Embracing Technology in Insurance
(Property and Casualty)

Craig Bedell, IBM
Robin Westcott, AAIS

Transformative, useful, innovative, strategic, communicative…yes! Challenging and needing processes and controls…yes! Discover the problem solving potential of AI. Join us in exploring this new frontier, as we wonder where Machine Learning will lead.


Neither Snow nor Rain nor Tornados nor Wildfires nor Earthquakes...
(Property and Casualty)

Lisa Brown, American Insurance Association
George Bradner, State of Connecticut Insurance Department
Joel Laucher, California Department of Insurance
Paula Pallozzi, Rhode Island Division of Insurance

CATS. Insurers and policyholders alike confront these on an (unfortunately) frequent basis. While we can't control Mother Nature, or prevent CATS, we can understand how to better manage the aftermath.


Project Management 101 — Stick to the Plan

Bill Douglas, Standard Insurance Company
Amy Fields, Wolters Kluwer
Lisa Ross, Symetra Life Insurance Company

You've been handed a big project. Now what? How do you get and keep your project on the right path and not fall prey to delay and failure? Hear from experts on how to manage that big project, stay on top of deadlines, minimize scope creep and avoid other perils that can paralyze or doom a project.


Hush! Protecting Confidentiality in Filings

Brian Hoffman, The Travelers Companies, Inc.
Angela Nelson, Missouri Department of Insurance

We all have secrets, and companies can have trade secrets. When does something qualify as proprietary information? What really needs to be included in those underwriting guides we are required to file? How can you best protect your company's trade secrets when your filing is viewed by regulators as public information? This session will examine what the industry can and cannot claim as confidential.


Regulator Roundtable
(Life, Annuity and Health)

The following states are scheduled to participate in the Roundtable session:


Anti-Fraud and AML Training
(Life and Annuity)

Becky Criswell, Americo Life & Annuity Insurance Company
Jeff Ferrand, Fuzion Analytics, Inc.

Need to build anti-fraud and AML expertise in your office? Our experienced speakers will discuss training strategy and offer practical tips you can put to use to protect your company.


10 Things I Hate About Regulatory Reporting Requirements
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Macheal Heise, Currin Compliance Services, Inc.
Alicia McKinney, Church Pension Group

So maybe you have more (or less) than 10 things that make you crazy about regulatory reporting, and every year data calls and state reporting requirements seem to multiply. How much is really compliance? How do you manage the volume and the unpredictability of volume? How do you keep up with deadlines? Spreadsheets? Really? We'll explore alternatives and how you can make sure it all happens on time and correctly, every time.


You "Otto" Know What This Is: Myths, Facts, Questions
(Property and Casualty)

Andy Blancher, Insurance Services Office, Inc.

The Future is Here! Autonomous vehicles; Telematics, Usage Based Insurance (UBI), etc. Does Otto enhance or replace the human element? Auto insurers are already evaluating the future of this line from underwriting through to claims. Gain new perspectives on the future of auto insurance.


Benchmarking: Using Data Wisely
(Property and Casualty)

Dan Cotter, Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP

Answering the question "where do I start", this session will provide information on key metrics that insurers can use to assess their functional areas' performance. Whether it's identifying outliers for investigation or determining the need for more robust controls and audits, benchmarking effectively can provide actionable insight.


Combination Products — Not Just Accelerated Death Benefits Any More
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Hazel Delane, Milliman, Inc.
Sarah Huffer, Currin Compliance Services, Inc.
Jason Lapham, Colorado Division of Insurance

Combination life, annuity, and health products are becoming more prevalent. That used to mean accelerated death benefits, but not anymore. Consumer driven products to do it all. The speakers will talk about the possibilities, the challenges, and their successes.


Keeping it Fresh — What's New in Life Insurance and Annuities
(Life and Annuities)

Robert Eaton, Milliman, Inc.
Karen Givens, Insurance Compact
Rod Perkins, ACLI

Changing regulation keeps us all on our toes! Come catch up with all of the hot topics in life insurance and annuities.


Data Protection in an Era of Ever Increasing Risk
(Property and Casualty)

Elizabeth Tosaris, Locke Lord LLP

This presentation will cover new technology and related regulatory trends of most concern to insurers, including evolving global regulation of data protection and privacy, cyber risk, and cyber insurance.


What's "App"? Just a Click Away...Our Sharing Economy Keeps Growing
(Property and Casualty)

Dan Cotter, Butler Rubin Saltarelli & Boyd LLP
Lonnie Johns-Brown, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Tim Mullen, NAIC
Jan Vitus, Jan Vitus, Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services

We were all taught to "share" when growing up. Those lessons take on new meaning with our "sharing economy" as we continue with ride-sharing and Airbnb...and beyond. Are there new ways your company can benefit from matching users with products or services? Hear from experts on legislative and industry updates and learn about other companies and their "sharing" issues and maintaining compliance.


Predictive Analytics and More
(Property and Casualty)

Karen Landrum, Merlinos & Associates, Inc

From telematics to web clicks, understanding this data from an actuarial perspective is key to your success. Learn more about what's behind the numbers.


Just Deal With It! Electronic Applications and Enrollment Forms

Susan Coulter, Coulter and Associates, Inc.
Vickie Goodman, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Jim Walker, Florida Office of Insurance Regulation

Electronic Application and Enrollment forms. Have you experienced the challenge of filing your company's multi line Electronic Application and Enrollment Forms? If you haven't yet, no doubt you will. Attend this interactive session as our presenter(s) share the challenges as well as successful strategies, for filing, implementing, and issuing Electronic Applications and Enrollment Forms.


Market Conduct Annual Statement
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Cara St. Martin, Allianz Life
Paul Hanson, Minnesota Department of Commerce
Jim Mealer, Missouri Department of Insurance

Ever wonder what states look at in the MCAS and what they do with the information included? We will walk you through the MCAS process and help you better understand how state regulators use this tool.


Electronic Insurance Solutions for Electronic Questions
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Matthew Cunningham, Iowa Department of Insurance
Vickie Goodman, First Consulting & Administration, Inc.
Terri Hitchcock, Perr & Knight

In an age in which you can do almost anything on your smart phone or tablet, many companies are feeling the push from their sales force and customers to make insurance transactions quicker and easier. But forewarned is forearmed — ease of use doesn't always translate into compliance with regulation. This session discusses filing requirements unique to electronic use and how the various State requirements as well as UETA impact preparations of forms, underwriting requirements and policy issuance.


Putting it All Together: Building a Product Filing Across the Disciplines
(Property and Casualty)

George Bradner, State of Connecticut Insurance Department
Sandy Olsen, The Travelers Companies, Inc
Laura Panesso, Insurance Services Office, Inc.
Sonja Rodebaugh, Martin & Company

A full session that walks us through the building of a product filing. From idea to implementation, functional discipline participation and workflow monitoring are critical to a successful product launch...Learn from regulatory, actuarial, advisory organizations and regulators on what makes for a winning process.


Claims Handling — Addressing Noncompliance Before It Happens
(Property and Casualty)

Craig Cunningham, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company
Kathy Donovan, Wolters Kluwer

Forewarned is Forearmed. Our presenters share processes and tips for a successful claims compliance program you can adapt to your company. From claims manuals to training to controls to audits...find ways to control claims compliance before the market conduct exam.


Getting Off the Risk (or Setting Conditions)
(Property & Casualty)

Amy Lambrecht, Idaho Department of Insurance
Nick Marrangoni, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

It's been said that it's easier to keep business than to generate new, but sometimes a P&C insurer must part ways with its insured. Explore the issues with nonrenewals and conditional renewals, multistate policies, market conduct concerns and documentation.


Statistically Relevant vs Socially Unacceptable

Denise Farnan, Perr & Knight
Paul Hanson, Minnesota Dept. of Commerce
Andrea Toth, California Department of Insurance
Elizabeth Tosaris, Locke Lord LLP

At its core, underwriting is really just discrimination based on exposure. Do you know when this “discrimination” is acceptable and when is it not? Join this discussion on eligibility, rating, and coverage from a regulatory and industry perspective.