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Conference Program



Life, Annuity and Health Q&A
(Life, Annuity and Health)

Dave Milligan, American Equity Life Insurance Company
Laura Summers, Milliman

An opportunity to ask questions about your biggest compliance and filing challenges and to obtain solutions from your peers.


Property and Casualty Q&A
(Property and Casualty)

Alan Hudina, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner
Mark Smith, ISO
Jan Vitus, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation

Everyone in the room is an expert and willing to assist you by sharing their knowledge and expertise. Whether you are a company employee, a regulator, or you support an industry organization - your involvement is important! Submit your questions prior to the conference through the website so that the session leaders can prepare for a thorough discussion. Session leaders will facilitate the discussion as your fellow compliance professionals share solutions and discuss important issues in an open forum. This Q&A is the proof that there are truly no silly questions; only answers that you haven't heard yet. Extra time has been built into this session so that everyone's questions can be answered.


New To Compliance
Life, Annuity & Health

If you are new to compliance, please join a panel of seasoned professionals who will share their experience and insights on compliance issues related to life, health and annuity lines of business. This session will provide an overview of compliance issues, a discussion of best practices, and expert perspectives on emerging issues. Head into the rest of the conference feeling like an expert.


The World of P&C Insurance Compliance - Success Matters
Property & Casualty

Come one, Come all - New, Veteran, Regulatory, Industry. Every day is one for learning. Attend this session to hear from regulators and industry professionals who will share:

  • Definition of success
  • Critical characteristics of a successful P&C Compliance Professional
  • Most effective mindset
  • Common shortfalls

View From The Top
Property & Casualty
David Altmaier, Florida Office of Financial Regulation
John Doak, Oklahoma Insurance Department
John Franchini, New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance
Jennifer Hammer, Illinois Department of Insurance

Back by popular demand are the View From The Top sessions where you will hear insurance commissioners discuss what they feel is important in today's regulatory environment.


Compliance Side of Blockchain for Insurance
Kay Godfredsen, Iowa Insurance Division

Blockchain is a growing technology that could simplify and secure the way financial transactions are processed. It holds significant potential for the insurance industry and may allow insurers to better serve policyholders and reduce costs. This session offers a follow-up to last year's introductory class on blockchain and The Institute's efforts to unlock the potential of blockchain.


That New Life or Annuity – Is It Right For The NY Insured/Annuitant?
Life & Annuities
Karren Phair-Harvey, John Hancock

Product Development/Actuarial

This session provides information regarding New York rules for suitability and replacements. Do you know and understand NY Reg 60? Broaden your horizon with this session.


Coming Soon to an E-Stage Near You – Short-Term Medical with Long-Term Solutions
Jan Dubauskas, IHC Specialty Benefits
Michael Weilant, Milliman

Product Development/Actuarial/ Rating/Underwriting

The stage is set for Short Term Medical insurance solutions designed to fill a variety of budget and health care needs. This session will discuss current trends and compliance challenges of short term medical plans.


Underwriting & Administrative Challenges in a Socially Changing World
Life, Annuity & Health
Brian Casey, Locke Lord, LLP
Roger Hofer, Sammons Financial Group


How do you address the challenges of emerging societal norms? What guidelines are needed to medically underwrite transgender applicants, medical (and recreational) marijuana users, and other non-traditional groups? This session will discuss underwriting, administrative issues, and company and regulatory changes.


Catastrophe Impact - Losses, Products, Regulation
Property & Casualty
George Bradner, Connecticut Department of Insurance
Andy Case, Mississippi Department of Insurance

Is this the norm? Insurers and policyholders alike confront these on an (unfortunately) frequent basis. While we can't control Mother Nature, or prevent CATS, we can understand how to better manage the aftermath. Hear how are CATS impacting insurers and actions being taken? What concerns do regulators bring to the table?


View From The Top
Life, Annuity & Health
David Altmaier, Florida Office of Financial Regulation
John Doak, Oklahoma Insurance Department
John Franchini, New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance
Jennifer Hammer, Illinois Department of Insurance

Back by popular demand are the View From The Top sessions where you will hear insurance commissioners discuss what they feel is important in today's regulatory environment.


View from Industry Organizations - Take on the P&C Industry
Property & Casualty
Angela Gleason, AIA
Geoff Baker (NAMIC)
Dave Snyder, PCI

Industry organizations (AIA, PCI, NAMIC) will be sharing together their view and issues each association may be facing as related to P&C Insurance. This session will provide great insight to the happening of today and tomorrow from experts that have a common perspective. NOTE: This session is not to promote any industry organization but to be informational for all.


Life/Annuity Hybrid Products - Intentional Fusion of Products for Today's Market
Life & Annuities

Product Development/Actuarial

Combo, hybrid and amped-up products – what's trending now? This session provides a discussion of what companies are doing to offer innovative solutions for today's insurance buyers.


It’s Going Platinum – Compliance, Underwriting, & Actuarial, Together Learning How to Create Success
Property & Casualty
Scott Whitaker, EMC Insurance Companies

Compliance and business are often at odds, but does that have to be the case? How is a value added partnership fostered between compliance, actuary and underwriting/product in the P&C Industry? You will hear both successes and challenges from compliance, underwriting and actuary.


Cybersecurity – NAIC Model Law & State Adoption vs. Deviation
All, Technology
Steve Brogan, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP
Russ Galbraith, Arkansas Department of Insurance

The NAIC adopted the Insurance Data Security Model Law in 2017 to create information security standards for insurers. This session also discusses state deviations from the model, such as NY, and how to comply with the model and any variations.


The Only Constant Is Change – Regulator & Company Changing of the Guard and the Impact on Compliance Organizations
Property & Casualty
Mike Humphries, Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance

Another change? This is new! Join us to discuss how P&C Compliance Organization personnel, as well as the Regulators with whom they work, must adapt to changes brought on by: retirements (loss of knowledge), data analytics, and technology as well as new requirements. How can industry develop as a compliance organization to drive success within our companies? How can Regulators keep on top of the increasingly complex products and filings being developed and submitted? You will hear from companies and Regulators on their successes, struggles and future plans.


Regulator Roundtable
Property & Casualty


Stop-Loss & ASO Agreements

Product Development/Actuarial/ Claims

Recent surveys show that self-funded health plans are growing at a rapid rate among U.S. employers. Under a self-funded arrangement, the employer uses its own funds to pay claims under the plan, and many of these employers elect stop loss coverage to protect themselves from catastrophic losses. This session will review stop loss coverage and trends, issues and challenges in the market, including Administrative Services Only (ASO) arrangements with carriers, and how they differ from traditional self-funding administrative contracts.


Evaluating & Managing Regulatory Risk
Property & Casualty
Al Bottalico, Locke Lord, LLP

You have identified something that creates a compliance risk for your P&C Company - now what? You will learn information on how to best evaluate and manage regulatory risks that are unique to P&C Insurance. Learn to identify areas where processes, procedures, documentation (or lack thereof) and company culture can create risk and what to do once you identify the risk. Does your underwriting system allow too much deviation? Are there issues with IT programming systems to meet the filed rates? Is your record keeping spotty? Do you lack sufficient process and procedures to ensure claims compliance? Do compliance and operations view each other as adversaries? Attend, learn and participate.


Cybersecurity & Privacy Concerns
All, Technology
Steve Brogan, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP
Russ Galbraith, Arkansas Department of Insurance

Is there any topic more critical today than the protection of customer data? What are a company's obligations for protecting data? Is your company vulnerable to a hacker stealing that data? If your company were to experience a breach, do you know the required steps to take? Are those steps different depending on the state where the breach occurred? How are New York requirements relevant to your company? Hear from the experts so you can be better prepared to answer these questions.


NAIC Hot Topics for P&C
Property & Casualty
Randy Helder, NAIC

NAIC plays an important role in the development of insurance regulation and in providing compliance resources to regulators and industry. This session will provide information on the NAIC’s structure, the manner in which it influences state law, its involvement in examination and enforcement activities and the resources it provides to industry, with a focus on “C” Committee related activities and resources. The session will cover practical tips on using NAIC application materials and services, compliance and training resources, multi-state examinations, and when, why and how attendance at NAIC meetings and conference calls can be useful to P/C compliance personnel.


Annuity Standard of Care – DOL, SEC, NAIC, What’s Next? (Part 1)
Life & Annuities, Product Development/Actuarial/Ethics

This session will provide background and history on what the DOL intended with the Fiduciary Rule, what happened to it, and what we learned from it. This session will also discuss how “fiduciary” and new “best interest” proposals differ, why the NAIC is looking to change the Suitability Regulation, and a high level look at where we might end up.


Life, Annuity & Health, Rating/Underwriting
David Bolton, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation
Kevin Shaw, Milliman

2017 CSO and Principal Based Reserving issues in filing. What are the pricing and financial challenges for life and annuity products?


Regulator Roundtable
Life, Annuity & Health


Health Insurance - Compliance in the Federally Facilitated Exchange and Association Health Plans
Health, Product Development/Actuarial
Joseph Holahan, Manning, Morris & Martin, LLP
Susan Kalmus, CMS/CCIO

The first portion of this session will examine the new federal rule on Association Health Plans (AHP), including the criteria to qualify as an AHP and state authority to regulate these plans. The second portion will review compliance activities in the Federally run Exchanges, including types of reviews, audits, and other activities that the Exchange may conduct on Issuers/Agent-Brokers/Direct Enrollment entities and where this information can be located, as well as best practices.


Pulling The Trigger – A Duty To Self-Report
All, Ethics
Jon Gillum, Locke Lord, LLP
Leah Gillum, Texas Department of Insurance

Within every insurance company and agency you will find debate on whether to voluntarily report an issue to a regulator or simply fix it and move on. Insurance fraud or agent termination for cause will require reporting in some states; some focus on other violations of their code. This session will examine your responsibilities as an insurance compliance professional, the duties required of the insurer, and the issues those duties raise.


Annuity Standard of Care – DOL, SEC, NAIC, What’s Next? (Part 2)
Life & Annuities
Kevin Mechtley, Sammons Financial Group
David Milligan, American Equity Life Insurance Company

Product Development/Actuarial/ Ethics

This session will take a deeper dive into the current landscape of the rule proposals and what issues remain top of mind for various stakeholders. It also attempts to forecast potential outcomes regarding DOL, SEC, NAIC, and the States and what impact such expected changes will have for both producers and companies.


State Filing Process – Understanding & Managing Objections
Property & Casualty
George Bradner, Connecticut Department of Insurance
Heather Droge, Kansas Insurance Department
Sandra Starnes, Florida Office of Financial Regulation

This session will review best practices for making P&C filings. How do you manage filing resources, researching laws, regulations and filing requirements as the first line of defense against receiving a state objection? Once received, how do you best facilitate the objection response and navigate an approval? Drop in and hear the stories your associates have to tell.


A Producer Licensing Primer…& More
Jack Chaskey, Westmont Associates, Inc.
Beth O’Quin, Louisiana Department of Insurance
Cheryl Penn, Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner

Producer licensing is an important compliance component, but the rules can be complicated and confusing. Can technology help? Hear from a panel of industry experts and regulators about how licensing works, when appointments are required, and what the future holds for agency licensing and appointments.


Regulator Roundtable
Property & Casualty


InsuranceWhat Technology is Impacting P&C Insurance and How Regulators and Industry Can/Should React
Property & Casualty
Craig Bedell, IBM
Kay Godfredsen, Iowa Insurance Division

What items of technology should we all be aware of and informed about? How will they impact the P&C business of insurance today or in the near future? Smart homes & autonomous vehicles for sure, but are there others you haven't considered?


You Walk The Line – Gifts, Inducements & Rebating Rules
Andy Case, Mississippi Department of Insurance
Ignatius Wheeler, Texas Department of Insurance

Generally, inducements in the sale of insurance are prohibited, however, most states allow an insurer or agent to give a gift, subject to limitations, for marketing purposes. State laws vary in terms of what is allowed and the lines are not always clear. This session provides an overview of the laws and regulations that limit giving something of value in connection with an insurance sale.


Market Conduct - The Companies' View
Dan Cotter, Latimer LeVay Fyock, LLC

Learn from industry experts on successes and challenges related to any and all market conduct activity in this age of market analysis. Great take-always on opportunities to be gained through your own audits, enabling you to maximize strengths and establish strong controls where needed regardless of the source/type of exam.


Claims Compliance – Fraud, SIU & Hot Topics
Property & Casualty

Assignment of benefits, insight into insurance fraud trends, hot topics, specific requirements, and the integral company/regulator partnership will be addressed here.


Indexed Life Products – What's New?
Life & Annuities

One company's innovation can become tomorrow's top-selling product. Indexed life products are growing in popularity and companies need to innovate to separate themselves from the pack. This session will discuss indexed life opportunities, illustrations in light of AG49, and product features such as bonuses and multipliers.


Getting Back to Your Roots – Working in the Group Environment
Life, Annuity & Health, Product Development/Actuarial/Rating/Underwriting
Susan Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Tom Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Ginny McHugh, McHugh Consulting

This session provides a discussion regarding the differences between blanket, group and franchise accident and health insurance and the compliance risks associated with each.


Compact Update
Life & Annuities, Product Development/Actuarial
Becky McElduff, Insurance Compact
Jim Mealer, Missouri Insurance Department

Stay Up-to-Date on Compact Developments and Hear Perspectives from a State Regulator This session will provide an update on product filing trends, updated filing tools and processes, new uniform standards development and interrelationship with state requirements – content v. non-content. Hear perspectives from a state market conduct regulator in dealing with market and consumer issues involving a Compact-approved products


Creating a Culture of Compliance (P&C Insurance) – Who, What, Where
Property & CasualtyErica Salmon Byrne, Ethisphere Institute
Robin Clover, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Damien Sepanik, Zurich North America

While it may be overlooked by some, attend this session for awareness around the importance of creating a culture of compliance in P&C Insurance. Where does it begin? How can you help? What does success look like? What are some challenges? The panel of compliance experts will share their expertise including tips and tricks.


Long-Term Care
Life & Annuities, Product Development/Actuarial
Robert Eaton, Milliman
Marie Roche, John Hancock
Jan Graeber, Texas Department of Insurance

Join this discussion of issues unique to LTC including an update on NAIC & AG51, Federal regulations and Medicare Advantage LTC, premium rate increases, the company perspective of today’s industry, and an Actuarial update.


Vendor Management
Derek Alabanese
Vickie Bulger, Primerica Inc.

Vendor Management means vendor selection, vendor risk assessment, contract development, and vendor diversity. This translates to research, obtaining quotes, negotiating contracts, managing relationships, understanding security and vulnerabilities, and evaluating performance for your vendors. Vendor management can be a huge undertaking, so automation is key. This session discusses the strategies for assuring a complete vendor management system.


Keep Your Eyes On The Prize – What Is New For Eyes & Teeth?
Health, Product Development/Actuarial
Scott Appleman, The Standard
April Furlong, Milliman
Robert Grissom, Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Elsie Andy, Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Rene Benard, Virginia Bureau of Insurance

Making sure you don't bite off more than you can chew. This session provides a discussion of trends and issues in dental and vision insurance.


Write Your Own Song – Accident & Health Insurance – Innovations
Life, Annuity & Health, Product Development/Actuarial
Jason Lapham, Colorado Insurance Department

New! Innovative! Unique! That could be the hallmark of a smash hit, but are they going to buy it or bury it? Will it stand on its own merit or is it a hard sell? This session provides guidance on how to work with regulators to navigate your new product through the sometimes difficult channels of state regulation.


Market Conduct – The Regulator’s View
Debra Pierce, Georgia Office of Insurance

Are you interested in the regulator's perspective as it relates to market conduct activity within the P&C Industry? Would you like to know what is going well, what can be improved? Trends and what to look for? In the face of market analysis, what is being missed without face-to-face exams?


Multi-State Filings Made Easy – True Life Scenarios & Best Practices
All, Product Development
Richard DeSanctis, Berkley One
Wesley Pohler, Westmont & Associates

You and your team have been assigned a multi-state filing. Sure, there are many ways to organize the flow, but what are the best practices? What are the issues and how can you avoid common hazards? Hear strategies other companies use to assure a smooth, accurate, and efficient filing.


Regulator Roundtable
Life, Annuity & Health


Compliance Departments & the State Filing Process
Life, Annuity & Health

This session will provide the opportunity to hear from industry colleagues on how their company has organized their filing department, with tips and tools for navigating a filing ‎project and suggestions for best practices.


Cannabis – It's High Time You Understood the Insurance Implications
Property & Casualty
Jan Vitus, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation

More than thirty States and the District of Columbia have laws that broadly legalize marijuana. Almost 1/3 of these states have expanded the law to include recreational use. States have laws for "grow your own" for personal use. A new frontier has descended insurers for opportunities to address. Conventional insurance coverage may need updating to address issues surrounding the marijuana; commercial use, medical use and personal use.


The Techno Scene – The Compliance Department of the Future
Phyllis Oates, Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Paula Pallozi – Rhode Island Insurance Department
LeAnn Robertson, Virginia Bureau of Insurance
Michael Smith, Virginia Bureau of Insurance

What will the Compliance Department of the Future look like? Technology is changing the way we market and manufacture insurance products. If the entire way we transact the business of insurance changes, what does that mean for compliance? Will artificial intelligence craft the perfect insurance product, and how do ventures like Lemonade affect the industry? We invite you to join the conversation as we envision the star power of compliance harnessing technology over the coming years.


Communicating, Monitoring & Assessing Regulatory Change Effectiveness Within The Company
Property & Casualty
Joanne Burns – AAIS
Kim Kennedy Gillette - Travelers
Deb Matthews – Old Republic

With the volume and complexity of regulatory change these days, it is vital that an insurer has a robust and sustainable regulatory change management process. How does your company assure that the change communication is accurate and understood? Is your process effective, sufficient and consistent? In addition, what monitoring/assessments are completed to ensure compliance? This session will discuss regulatory change effectiveness at the company level.


Jam Session: DOI Data Calls & Survey Requests – How Do You Handle Them All?

Data calls, survey requests, Market Conduct Annual Statements. So many regulators requesting information. Did you ever wonder how other companies manage to keep on top (or even ahead) of them? This session will provide some valuable tips for managing the constant stream of requests coming from the various departments of insurance.


A Chart-Topping Team - Compliance, Claims & Loss Control
Property & Casualty
Troy Myers, EMC Insurance Companies

Y'all want to make a hit record, but sometime you might need a little help striking the right chord. Building a partnership between compliance and claims will lead to harmonies that are off the chart. You will hear both successes and challenges from compliance and claims.


Protecting Confidentiality in Filings
Terri Hitchcock, Perr & Knight
Ginny McHugh, McHugh Consulting
Angela Nelson, Missouri Department of Insurance

Trade secrets are among the most valuable assets a company has, and the ability to protect proprietary information can seem as slender as a guitar string. How can you best protect your company's trade secrets when your filing is viewed by regulators as public information? This session will examine what the industry can and cannot do to protect their intellectual property.


What does a P&C Compliance "event" Look Like?
Property & Casualty
Angela Gleason, AIA
Nick Marrangoni, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

How do compliance staff know if something should be of a concern? What are the triggers or red flags? How do you identify, research, and communicate? What actions should be taken? This is an opportunity to learn and share best practices, staff training tips and tools.


Use of Captives
Jennifer Stalvey, Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance
Mark Wiedman, Utah Insurance Department

Did you ever wonder about captives in insurance? What are they, who is using them and why? This session provides a discussion of the differences between the "standard" captive insurance company and "life insurer owned" captives.


Disability From All Angles
Life, Annuity & Health

Product Development/Actuarial/ Rating/Underwriting

This session provides insight and discussion on issues related to LTD, STD and statutory disability, associated form filings (state or compact) and other related product issues.


The Rubik’s Cube of Workers’ Compensation – Changing Markets and Regulatory Challenges
Property & Casualty
Len Herk, NCCI
Robert Lutton, Michigan Department of Insurance
Michael Shinnick, Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance

Join us for a forward-looking presentation on some important topics in Workers Compensation: changing labor markets, medical utilization, and medical cost drivers. Following the presentation, there will be time for questions and discussion of legislative and regulatory initiatives, enacted and proposed, that address these issues.


Portability: Here Comes Goodbye
Life, Annuity & Health, Product Development/Actuarial
David Bolton, Oregon Division of Financial Regulation
Susan Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Barbara Lynch, The Standard

Discussion of portability issues, challenges, and solutions for life and health insurance products.


SERFF 2018 – Best Practices & Filing Requirements

SERFF team will provide guidance on fling requirements and best practices around using SERFF.


Achy-Breaky? There's Supplemental Health Plans For That
Health, Product Development/Actuarial/Rating/Underwriting
Holly Blanchard, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC
Tom Coulter, Coulter & Associates
Jan Dubauskas, IHC Specialty Benefits

Accident only, fixed indemnity and critical illness are a few types of Supplemental Health plans. Are there special rules for filing these types of products? This session will discuss current issues and recent changes in ACA requirements and the potential impact on this type of coverage.


Walk of Fame, Not Walk of Shame – Ethics in an Ever-Changing Environment
All, Ethics
Steve Serfass, Drinker, Biddle & Reath, LLP

The insurance industry is feeling the effects of an increasingly fast moving, innovative and technology-driven world. The introduction of self-driving cars, the sharing economy, and expansion of social media requires us to seek new ways to meet the needs of our customers, business partners and regulators. As a highly regulated industry we must be mindful of the ethical challenges inherent in adapting to these changes. This session will examine these challenges and the ethical issues surrounding them. Attend this session and be ethically prepared.


Rate Making for the Non-Actuary
Property & Casualty

Don’t miss a beat…come join us for an informational packed session that will provide concepts behind rate making for all non-actuaries stopping by. While this subject may be “music to the ears” of actuaries, for many others this may not be the case. Industry actuarial experts will be leading this insightful session with plenty of time to answer questions and concerns from the floor!


Mental Health Insurance Coverage – Evolving Issues & Concerns
Health, Product Development/Actuarial/Ethics
Maureen Belanger, New Hampshire

This session provides a discussion of Mental Health Parity issues and challenges and why understanding it is so important in today's world.


Makin' Music Together – Building Relationships with Your Business Partners
Richard DeSanctis, Berkley One
Sam Garro, Philadelphia Insurance Companies
Mattia Scharfstein, Selective Insurance

Relationships can help or hinder our progress in getting things accomplished. This is particularly true for insurance compliance professionals. You ask, "How do I build relationships without compromising my integrity or the need to point out issues and correct errors?" Don't be the person other people try to hide from, and don't fall into the trap of trying to be the friend who never points out errors because you don't want to lose a co-worker's goodwill. Cooperation and collaboration is the name of the game when trying to successfully find balance. This session will look at steps you can take to build relationships without compromising your ability to do your job.

See y'all soon — Live, from Nashville with the AICP!

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