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Find out if courses are being offered at your local college or junior college. You can also self-study or see if there is a class being sponsored by your company. An excellent source for Property & Casualty education materials is the The Institutes — Risk & Insurance Knowledge Group in Malvern, PA. Their phone number is 800-644-2101 and their website is www.theinstitutes.org. Alternatively an excellent source for Life & Health education materials is LOMA. Their website is www.loma.org.

Yes, definitely. With each state having a unique set of statutes as well as the insurance departments having their own rules and guidelines, the need for companies to have people who know what those rules are, who can negotiate with the regulators and who can work with other departments within their own company is becoming more critical.

AICP is the premier educational association for Insurance Compliance Professionals. The national conference features more than 50 workshops geared for all experience levels, and for both the property-casualty and life and/or health professional. At the chapter level, local meetings feature speakers on a variety of topics, and offer the new compliance professional an opportunity to exchange ideas with others in the field who are at every level of professional development.

Our members frequently cite networking as primary benefit of being a member of AICP. An online member directory can be accessed on our website that provides the name, address, e-mail address, and company of all our members. AICP's website hosts a discussion forum that is available for members to post regulatory questions or provide insight to others who post. The AICP Journal is a source of regulatory news that many members collect over the years to build a resource library. The quarterly chapter meetings allow members to interact, to visit with an insurance department, or simply talk shop with others who know the challenges facing the compliance professional. And, of course, the national conference is the premier event of the year. Usually featuring regulators from ten to twelve states, and other timely or reinforcing educational workshops.

The questions you have about regulation and compliance are generally complex and often sensitive. You need to find others with more experience with whom you can share your ideas, and from whom you can obtain guidance in tackling issues of compliance, regulation, or management. AICP has many members who have those years of experience. Many serve on our Board of Directors or as officers at the Chapter or National level. Someone has probably been faced with similar problems. As a member, you have the means and the ability to call any of AICP's leaders and ask for a friendly ear.

As a member of AICP, your company can post compliance job openings on AICP's website at no charge. Compliance professionals looking for a new opportunity use AICP's website as a regular resource.

Contact any Chapter or National Officer, or Chapter or National Committee Chair listed on the AICP website.

Participation! We are a volunteer organization for the most part. Our national and chapter leadership is comprised of volunteers, and our national and chapter committees are made up of volunteers — just like you! Our volunteers tell us that they gain a better understanding of what the AICP is all about and are better able to identify the AICP initiatives from which they will obtain the most value by being actively engaged in the AICP. They also tell us that they meet a great group of other folks who also volunteer for AICP leadership and committee member positions, and it's a great way to build and strengthen their professional network. Regardless of whether you have a lot of time or just a little time, there are many opportunities to participate in the AICP. Contact any national or chapter officer, or get in touch with any national or chapter committee chairperson with your questions. Let us know you are willing to help — there are numerous opportunities for you to become involved.

As with any volunteer organization, you can do as little or as much as you want. We understand each person's situation and priorities are different. If you only want to take advantage of the AICP's educational and information opportunities, that's fine. If you have some time to get involved, there are numerous ways to enhance your personal development, network with colleagues, grow your leadership and organizational skills, and earn a "gold" star from your boss for your professional initiative. Trust us, you only do what you can and there is no down side to joining and getting involved in any way you can.

Complete the Membership Dues Waiver form found at the bottom of the membership renewal webpage and submit it to the address indicated on the form. You will need to re-apply every year.

Yes, you may continue your membership. The AICP has programs in place to assist you in your employment search, networking opportunities, and even assistance with future dues if necessary during your search. Please contact your Membership Committee Chair for additional information.

You're a glutton for punishment?? No... just kidding. If the business meant anything to you, we trust that it still does. If so, this is a great way to stay connected and involved. Your knowledge, perspectives and ideas — with the distance from the day to day grind — are valuable. Why not continue to use it. Plus, you can stay in touch with colleagues and friends. Who knows, maybe that will be important someday, whether you're in another field or kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Either way, you can enhance the contributions you have made to the profession, and have fun while you're doing it.

If you change jobs or are no longer employed, we can still contact you.

The required ACP and CCP courses are offered through AHIP, LOMA, NAIC, AICPCU, and SOFE. For more information regarding these courses, refer to http://www.ahip.org/, http://www.loma.org/, http://www.naic.org/, http://www.sofe.org, and http://www.aicpcu.org/.

You need to get the study materials and pass the exams through the organization that offer the required courses. We recommend checking with your company Human Resource Department as they may have something already set up with the various organizations that offer educational courses.

Information of requirements and how to enroll in the program can be found at the link: http://www.aicp.net/careercenter/certifications.cfm.

Please be aware you must first obtain your ACP before your CCP designation. If you have worked five years in the insurance industry with three of them within Compliance, you can complete the applications for the ACP and CCP designation. You can submit both applications at the same time with one $30 processing fee. A copy of your transcript for the courses you note on the applications is also required. To be eligible for AICP designations, you need to be an AICP member. Given the designations listed, you can complete either the L & H or the P & C section of the CCP application and submit applicable transcript.

Being AICP (Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals) consist mostly of members working in compliance, the Education Committee felt those members applying for their ACP designation should have a good understanding of compliance. Consequently, the course requirements to obtain your ACP are based on a members understanding of insurance and compliance. Please note this compliance requirement doesn't affect those individuals wanting to become a member of AICP. We are aware that anyone working within the insurance field has to know about or is affected in some way with compliance to effectively handle their job responsibilities.

The courses taken under the old AICPCU course numbering system are acceptable to receive the AICP designations. Your CPCU designation (1989) allows you to apply for CCP designations. For your convenience, click here to compare the CPCU Equivalency Chart with the old and new AICPCU course numbering system.


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