Welcome to the 2014 AICP Annual Conference — Compliance Connections West

Westward Ho! When pioneers joined in the massive move westward in the 1800's, there were many reasons why. Some in search of a better quality of life, some in pursuit of a more lucrative way to earn a living, some for adventure of the unknown, and some looking for challenges. This same spirit is found in our compliance world today -- facing challenges, looking for better ways of doing things, forging ahead.

So, it makes sense that our message this year is aimed at strengthening existing and forging new professional relationships, reinforcing and creating new resources, opening our minds to new ways to see and do our jobs, and sharing knowledge and experience as we tackle compliance challenges. We will be making "Compliance Connections West" at the 2014 AICP Annual Conference.

Our regulator members continue to be generous with their time. They have joined us to work and plan for a great program as we are all westward bound. So pack up your Conestoga Wagon, hitch up your horses and join us for over 60 sessions which all contain the gold nuggets that make you rich beyond your dreams.

We look forward to seeing you in Phoenix as you travel westward bound. Please join us in forging "Compliance Connections West".