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Northwest Chapter

(Includes the states of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming)

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President's Award

This President's Award recognizes a member of the AICP Northwest Chapter whose dedication to AICP, our Chapter and the insurance compliance industry and whose participation in Chapter initiatives and activities have benefited the AICP, our Chapter, our industry or the community at large.

Doug Geraci
Camilla Brown

Doug Geraci
Brianne Dahl

Doug Geraci
Doug Geraci


Bill Douglas

Angela Walicki

Brianne Dahl


Bill Douglas

Erica Brownell

Doug Geraci


Elaine Douglas

Brady Smith


Focus On Our Members - Members In The News

We are fortunate to have members in our Northwest Chapter who give of themselves tirelessly to the AICP and to our NW Chapter. And, believe it or not, our members also have lives outside of the AICP NW Chapter. On a regular basis we select a Chapter member for our "Member In The News" so you can get to know him/her a little better. We are pleased that the following members have allowed us to chat with them to get to know them better.

Doug Geraci - 2010
Bri Dahl - 2011
Keri Olson - 2012
Damon Campbell - 2013
Camilla Brown – 2015
Nancy Campbell - 2016
Camille Tourje - 2017


Pioneer Certificate

As part of the AICP's 25th anniversary recognition initiatives, the Northwest Chapter recognized the following members as "Honored Members of the AICP and Esteemed Pioneers of the Northwest Chapter" for their long-term service to our Chapter:

Patti McCollum
Brady Smith
Edith Goodgame
Steve Youngkrantz
Donna Wilson
Kristi Brotherson


Special Recognition

The AICP is an organization dedicated to promoting educational and networking opportunities to members of the insurance compliance community — and that community includes industry employees, regulators, third-party product and service providers, and industry-associated organizations. A national Board of Directors, elected by our members, oversees our national organization and provides leadership as we strive to continue to meet the goals and objectives of our Mission Statement and Vision Statement.

The AICP Northwest Chapter is very proud to have provided the national Board of Directors with its first member from the regulatory community:

Jennifer Kreitler, Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner - 2006-2008.

The AICP Northwest Chapter is also very proud to recognize the first member from the insurance regulatory community to be a Chapter Vice President and President:

Leslie Krier, Washington Office of the Insurance Commissioner - Chapter Vice President (2012-2013), Chapter President (2013-2014).


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