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2018 Election Results

Congratulations to all the new leaders! Thank you for accepting the challenge of moving AICP into the future!

National Officers

Vice President   Bri Dahl Bri Dahl
Secretary   Scott Whitaker Scott Whitaker

Regional Directors

Great Lakes   Michael Hartman Michael Hartman
Gulf States   Lindsay McGhee Lindsay McGhee
Midwest   Carmen Brown Carmen Brown
Northwest   Nancy Campbell Nancy Campbell
Western   Lori Dreaver Munn Lori Dreaver Munn

Chapter Officers

Great Lakes Vice President Bill Boyce Bill Boyce
Gulf States Vice President Nikki Roper Nikki Roper
Gulf States Treasurer Sherry Smith Sherry Smith
Heartland Vice President Danette Kobolt Danette Kobolt
Heartland Treasurer Maryana Grodnova-Ware Maryana Grodnova-Ware
Mid-Atlantic Vice President Jean Moriarty Jean Moriarty
Mid-Atlantic Secretary Alicia McKinney Alicia McKinney
Mid-Atlantic Treasurer Erin Burke Erin Burke
Midwest President Greg Mitchell Greg Mitchell
Midwest Vice President Kate Barnaby Kate Barnaby
New England Vice President Melissa Cote Melissa Cote
New England Secretary Holly Filomena Holly Filomena
New England Treasurer Sarah Huffer Sarah Huffer
Northwest Vice President Keri Olson Keri Olson
Northwest Secretary Dawn Wellenbrink Dawn Wellenbrink
Northwest Treasurer Steve Trop Steve Trop
South Central Vice President Dana Sewell Dana Sewell
South Central Secretary Jamie Coleman Jamie Coleman
South Central Treasurer Terri Hitchcock Terri Hitchcock
Western Vice President Jason Lapham Jason Lapham
Western Secretary Tracy Stevenson Tracy Stevenson
Western Treasurer Machael Heise Machael Heise


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